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Me and the podcast.

Me and the podcast.

Hi there.

I originally looked for some inspiration on how to write a perfect ABOUT page on one of my favorite blogs, a personal blog of a well known entrepreneur. I honestly think his page sucks big time. He doesn't seem to care.

There was nothing so truly inspiring to be found out there - in my 20 minutes research - so I needed to come up with a plan to move this task to the Done column in my Trello board. ✔️ New checklist added to the card: Timebox a 30 minutes time slot to complete this task.

Before jumping into reading this bit-long page where I've added tons of stuff, I'll add a table of contents so you can browse as fast as you want:


My name is Alexandru Harabagiu and I'm super-uber-duper passionate about technology and software in general. When testing or using software, I still have that feeling of a child that's putting his tiny hands on this new, intruguing toy.

So, basically, my hobby is test driving software. I spend an average of 60 hours a month for testing software that gets promoted by different ads or showing up on my whatever feed, but mostly I'm checking, on a weekly basis, both crunchbase and capterra in order to get inspiration and following up on what's happened in terms of evolution with the software that I've already tested.

Born in 1985, Bucharest, Romania, father of a baby dragon daughter and husband of .. dragon wife!? - 💗

During childhood and adolescence I've been presumptively losing time, days and nights and ultimately months and years, by playing multiplayer games in internet cafés. Most of my friends and family were convinced that I was wasting time by endlessly playing Counter Strike all-day long, which up to some point was actually true. But it turns out that in those very internet cafés I've been exposed to all sort of people like me, but with different objectives, so I started befriending with some guys who taught me how to build websites using Dreamweaver, have them online on some free web hosting platforms and put them online to free .tk domains. Back then was the mIRC32 era, so besides fooling around chatting with girls - asl pls  - I was creating bots in order to hijack IRC channels. This was the first time when I got exposed to Putty and afterwards I started to build, maintain and deploy linux Counter Strike servers and later on, server administration of a network for the new-comer fiber-based internet connection that started replacing dial-up modems in people´s homes. I have even climbed buildings, rooftops and trees to set up cabling switches with endpoints - everyones's home computer. Just like a ninja.

Obviously, going to school was not on my everyday to do list. Ever since elementary school, I'd say that I  was rather a below average guy student, at least by comparing grades with my classmates. But somehow I managed to pull the pin and graduated highschool. Afterwards, I felt the pressure from my family to continue education with a University degree, mainly because I was the first in a  family of deeply routed peasants from one of the poorest counties in the country - Vaslui, that could get me such a degree. At that time, being young and inexperienced, I thought I can do both, meaning to continue with internet cafe's joggling and college(s), but shortly I realized that I had already spent 3 years by joining 3 different colleges and never got past the fresh years. So I came up with a plan and started going to a private college where I basically graduated without any efforts at all a really-really low-graded college.

Work experience

Got the first real job with, an ITC ecommerce where I passed an interview with the owner, Tibi, for having responded correctly to these two questions: "1. What's the difference between SATA1 and SATA2 and 2. What does BIOS stand for". At that time, there we're not so many candidates who could pull of the answers. To be honest, almost 15 years later, I conducted some interviews for some desk admins where the correct response rate for the same questions was subunitary. I know, now you're asking yourself what's wrong with me still asking these questions in 2020. No worries, now there's two of us. haha

Starting from here, for some years, I have continued my journey within the ecommerce industry and started doing some freelance consultancy and project management for companies based in Romania, US, Germany and France.

Now I'm working as an IT Manager for a mid-sized romanian retail-manufacturing company and I've swapped freelance time to entrepreneurship time where I own some technology-related projects in different early-beta-mvp-ish development phases.

The podcast story

In this very moment of time, November 2020, I am a really busy guy and I have no spare time, rather some hours, here and there... So, why not kicking off a new project? 😂 I'm addicted to learning new stuff and I feel challenged when there is something yet-unknown-to-me in the game, so podcasting must be the way to go - I said to myself. So, I'll try developing this podcast as dynamic as my spare time allows. here and there... This is a personal proof of concept and every decision and step further that I take on this project would follow the MVP model so it's rather normal expecting to have some faulty functionality, lack of publishing predictibility and some potential failures.  I am a self-taught tech geek that learned from messing up stuff like deleting production database and even getting electrical discharge by putting my hands on powered-on, live production server components.

Over and out. 33 minutes. Moved to Done.



The podcast tech stack

Basically, whatever you find on this website or in one of my videos, you will know how it was done and by who & what. This list is updated on a daily basis. Whenever something gets out or in, it'll be highlighted here.


  • - Website hosting and CMS
  • - hue website template
  • - domain registration
  • - DNS management & others
  • - Email hosting
  • - Comment system
  • - Contact form
  • - Payment gateway
  • - Membership payment gateway
  • Prism.js - Syntax highlighter

Media - Imagery, video & graphics

  • - gifs
  • Audacity - Voice recording & editing
  • - Imagery & graphics

Hardware gear

  • HP EliteBook 840 G7 - Laptop
  • Plantronics BackBeat FIT 350 - In-ear headphones
  • Logitech G533 - Over-ear wireless gaming headset

Software & other

  • Office 365 Suite
  • Google Suite
  • - Video screen capture
  • Faststone - Photo screen capture
  • - Photo editing
  • - Project management
  • - Communication platform
  • Notepadd++ - html editor
  • - Mind mapping - gave up on 24.11.2020

Contact me

Really whatever crosses your mind. Literally.